About us

About us

Your most satisfying food experience – that is our goal.

We strive to do so by connecting you with extraordinarily powerful foods.

Not just nutritious and healthy for you, but also for the planet. Foods that change lives and lands of farmers who use best practices.

sharingourbest works with partners who work with farmers in achieving change you don’t typically hear about. It is all sorts of good news, such as:

  • Better crop harvests despite climate change
  • Women leading organizations and businesses
  • New market access creating farmer opportunities

Many stories. And honestly, they are not ours. Just as the foods are from our partners, so too are most of the stories. We want them talked about in new places – like by you in the USA. We make sure all product claims have ample evidence in formats you want to see.

Such stories and the numbers behind them come from both R&D organizations and small- to medium-sized eco-social enterprises that work in Africa. All of us together participate in all aspects of the food supply chain from farmers planting and harvesting crops, to scientists developing new climate-resilient seeds that contain more nutrients, to entrepreneurs collecting and transforming crop harvests into foods. They are some of the many you can read about here.