You can be ...

Climate Positive

Some are already cooling the earth.

Farmers innovating to make their fields greener.

With bigger harvests from less land, more trees grow.

So, each bite eases carbon footprint - for all.

A food choice within a greater circle of change.

how a peanut in Zambia does it ...

Wildlife Friendly

Great animals have been disappearing.

Now many thrive.

Better farms & markets make hunting less attractive.

By enjoying our foods, you empower wildlife.

with me?

Advancing Equity

Connections are not always simple, this one is.

From Africa’s farmers – to you – and back again.

Your food choices are important and affect others and all.

>50% of profits from US sales return to farming communities
and food security R&D in Africa.

You belong to a circle of change.

Flex your new powers


Your choice. Your power.