Partnering with sharingourbest

sharingourbest partners

Our partners share ideals of mutual respect and benefit. Partners support farmers in a variety of ways: access to farm inputs, improved crop varieties, agronomic management practices, weather forecasts, market price information, crop storage and harvest transport, financial services, food grading & processing, and/or product marketing.

In addition to the ability to supply safe, high-quality foods, our partners have the willingness and capacity to communicate the eco-social values of their crops and food products.

Partners strive to advance fair market exchange with caution to limit purchases from areas experiencing drought or market shortages. In addition, purchasing contacts with sourcing farmer groups aim to foster farm planning and investment while avoiding price spikes.

To support sustainable and resilient agricultural practices, price premia of crop harvests are determined by performance criteria. Third-party certification mechanisms assure organic, Wildlife Friendly, and landscape carbon attributes. Formal partnership agreements describe governance arrangements of how partners distribute profits that emphasize a goal of equity with shared-decision making and an increasing agency of rural organizations.

For your foods to sell in the United States we:

  • Learn about your efforts and adapt your existing product information to an American audience.
  • View your products from a consumer perspective, Americans interested in unique food flavors and eco-social benefits of agriculture.
  • Co-create an image and brand that resonates with priority consumer market segments.
  • Assist with the legal and copyright aspects of brand management.
  • Design packaging that makes customers want to know more about your efforts and sourcing farmers.
  • Test the effectiveness of marketing messaging with American consumers who enjoy food co-ops and natural specialty foods.
  • Assist in a food safety review of you production facilities to ease passage of USDA phytosanitary inspections.
  • Handle the importation, storage, distribution and web presence of your products in the USA.
  • Relay consumer feedback about qualities perceived of your food products.
  • Work with food associations and environmental organizations to improve our understanding of technology and trends that can enhance sales performance.
  • Advocate for US food trade policy to support eco-social innovation overseas.
  • Co-develop criteria for sharing profits as well as the processes to ensure increased agency of rural organizations.